NEW ANAYSTOF 2023 digital team buildingideas 

Since 1999, aNa and her family team provides Art solutions. Today, she introduces exclusive digital art applications.

ANAYSTOF Art Team Building suite of applications includes three unique tools – Digital Mural, POP ART, and ANAGRAM – designed to promote creativity, collaboration, and teamwork.

B to C – Business clients and Users – With each application, you and your team can work together to create a stunning digital mural. Whether you’re hosting a remote team building, looking for creative entertainment for birthday for instance, or staging a home, our suite of applications offers the perfect way to collaborate and produce a real collective artwork.

B to B: From Small businesses to National Corporate companies, sing a digital art app can help promote a local business in several ways:

  1. Custom Artwork: The app can allow businesses to commission custom digital artwork that showcases their brand or products. This artwork can then be used for marketing purposes, such as on social media or on the business’ website.
  2. Social Media Engagement: By sharing digital artwork from the app on social media with a #hashtag or a @brandname, businesses can increase their social media engagement and reach a wider audience. They can also use the artwork to create social media campaigns or contests to further engage with their followers.
  3. Increased Foot or Virtual Traffic: By displaying digital art in their physical locations or socials, businesses can create an engaging and visually appealing atmosphere that can attract customers and increase traffic up to viral.
  4. Perks and challenge: Businesses can offer perks directly from the app or organize challenges to engage more guests.

Anaystof’s Team Building Latest news

The Blog helps you understand and double check how our art team building activities and software work. You can find ideas, instances, videos and pictures…

Digital Mural Miami coworkers remote activities ideas
Miami Coworkers remote activities: 4 Digital Mural Art Team building ideas to Create collective Artworks with long distance or home office Team.
Out-door Art Miami Team Building activity
Anagram Miami team building activity ideas is a unique and fun way to promote teamwork and creativity at your next event and keeping a memory.
Virtual mosaic editor Anagram App by Ana artist
Anagram virtual mosaic editor to create beautiful mosaic art pieces for team building, celebrations, and cost-effective virtual staging projects.

On-venue, remote and flexible ARTISTIC team building

Our Art team building ideas provide a platform for team members to get to know each other better, which can help them develop trust and respect for each other, ultimately leading to a more cohesive team.

On-Venue event

Digital team building

Virtual challenge

Flexible team building

From one unique Small team to very large audiences.

An artistic team building is a group activity in which participants work together to create a piece of art that reflects the group’s shared goals and objectives. 


Working together on an art project helps team members to communicate effectively and efficiently with each other in order to complete the project. 


Taking part together on an aNa artist’s creative protocle encourages collaboration and teamwork, as participants must rely on each other to complete the task. 


Participating together on an art project can help team members bond and form relationships. This can lead to increased trust and collaboration.


Creating during on an artistic activity can be a great way to relax and reduce stress. It can also be a fun way to take a break from the daily grind. 


by engaging a team into a n art team building activity encourages participants to think outside the box and come up with creative ideas and solutions. 

Team Building Artworks

“Experience the power of collaboration and creativity in our fine-art team building events. Our expert facilitators will guide your team through an unforgettable activity, where they’ll create one-of-a-kind piece of art while building teamwork skills and having fun.” – aNa artist


Our Team

Since 1999 aNa builds a team to create new artistic team building programs, protocoles and tools.



Ana is a social artist.

Since 1999 she involves people to collaborate with her. Since 2020 she can create remote artworks for wold wide audiences.

Now she provides global and exclusive art team building self-services.


General coordinator

Chris is aNa’s husband. 

Since EVER, he tries to make every aNa’s wishes or dream come true.

Digital programs and protocoles give an opportunity to make business over Europe. That needs to be developed step by step.


France growth director

Since 2020 Rod is the French director.

He handles the French anaystof unit and takes care of the entier European business.


US print coordinator

Lesan takes care of US and North America printing purposes.

Tons of clients request for a print after they went into a digital art team building because they want or need to exhibit the collaborative remote result.


Dev director

Nagulan is the person that first made every digital protocole possible.

He understands what aNa needs better than everybody else.

He sets up all the servers and power needed during your artistic team building or virtual activities.


Coder director

Tharsan is the guy that builds the digital tools.

He works on fonction, Design and UX.

From the first idea to the final activity, he manages tons of virtual details that make a huge difference for users

Marketing director

Content, socials, videos…

Lou decides what we should show up. 

He sets up when and how we have to do it.

If Lou handles it for us, He can also help you build a very efficient strategy to create more than a collaborative artwork.

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